Children's Physical Therapy Associates, LLC
Aquatic & Land Pediatric Physical Therapy
Providing quality land & aquatic physical therapy services for children & young adults.
Our commitment is to assist children in the
acquisition of motor skills leading to the highest
personal potential.
CPTA's experienced staff includes leaders in
our field with exceptional educational and
clinical experience.  
Children's Physical Therapy
is a therapists' owned physical therapy
private practice located in southern
Johnson County, Kansas.  We have an
established record of serving children and
young adults since 1984.  
Learning skills which lead to
a lifetime of fitness and
disease prevention are also
fundamental to our mission.
5250 W. 94th Terrace, Suite 200 • Prairie Village, KS 66207
Office 913.345.1997 • Fax 913.345.1990 •