The Big Difference for Our Clients
  • We provide direct, individualized land and
    aquatic physical therapy programs based on
    the results of a complete evaluation.  
  • The most current, scientifically sound
    principles of treatment are employed and
    sessions are tailored to the needs of
    children, young adults, and their families.  
  • Parents are partners in the development and
    execution of the physical therapy program,
    but skilled physical therapy delivered by
C   P   T   A
Providing quality land & aquatic physical therapy services for children & young adults.
Children's Physical Therapy Associates, LLC
Aquatic & Land Pediatric Physical Therapy
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   licensed PTs is a distinct benefit of our programming.  
  • Parental adherence to the recommended PT program (both
    clinical appointments and home programs) is a requirement
    for participation in our program.Support participation in
    school, home, community, and recreational activities.
  • Lifelong commitment to quality care, mobility, and physical
    health and wellness.