Services We Provide:
  • Motor screenings for problems of unknown etiology
  • Physical therapy evaluations to determine current level of
    functioning including fine, gross, and sensory assessments
  • Functional skill assessments with an emphasis on mobility,
    transfers, and seating
  • Individualized, skilled physical therapy programs: long- and
    short-term programs, including exercise, strengthening programs,
    motor training, mobility, lifetime fitness, and recreational skill training
Services are provided at our community centers,
home, or clinic.
  • Aquatic physical therapy
  • Partial weight bearing treadmill training
  • Individualized weight training programs
  • Kinesio and sports taping
  • Functional electrical stimulation
  • Orthotics & equipment consultation
  • Equipment loan program
  • Intensive therapy programs
  • Intensive adaptive bike program
C   P   T   A
Providing quality land & aquatic physical therapy services for children & young adults.
Children's Physical Therapy Associates, LLC
Aquatic & Land Pediatric Physical Therapy
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