"Being strong is important; but knowing who you can count on is equally important."
The therapists at Children's Physical Therapy Associates have
provided a safe, nurturing therapy program to treat our son's mild
cerebral palsy. Not only do we appreciate their willingness to teach
us, as parents, how to help our son at home, but we also find their
expertise and attention to Aiden's needs at every therapy session
to be outstanding. Their approach to physical therapy is
cutting-edge and we've seen our son's gait improve. Our son loves
going to therapy and when asked (age 3) what he likes about it he
responds with a big smile "playing!" I don't think a parent can ask
for anything more from a therapy group than to have their child
enjoy beneficial physical therapy from caring experts!

- Michelle Laubenstein, Ed.D.
A stroke when he was two days old, left our son with cerebral
palsy and legally blind.  He is a determined little guy and works
very hard to confront his challenges and to keep up with his
siblings. We soon found that his motivation and determination
weren’t quite to go up against his physical limitations. We knew
there were great benefits to be found in the water; however, we
were amazed at how quickly we saw the results once he started
working with therapists from CPTA.  Not only did he begin rolling
over and sitting up, but he is now using a walker to explore the
world and get into mischief.  CPTA’s aquatic PT program has
helped him work on his trunk muscles and  experience the
sensations of doing the physical tasks with the support and low
gravity of the water.  The added bonus... he loves his time in the

The complimenting efforts of aquatic and land-based physical
therapy have helped him make great gains, and we see this as a
necessity in his continued progress. In addition to the therapy
itself, we have received much support and collaboration from
knowledgeable staff at CPTA.  They are a valuable resource and
service for his growth and development to reach higher and higher
levels of success.

- J.B.
I know that I would not be where I am today without
the guidance, knowledge, and encouragement from the
therapists at CPTA. From day one, they challenged me
to reach for a higher level beyond what I ever dreamed
I could do.

This journey began six years ago.  It all started with
pool therapy once a week.  We did general stretching
exercises, walking and swimming exercises during the
pool therapy.  This helped with my cardiovascular
health as well as my overall strength and endurance.

The therapists from CPTA recognized my potential to
walk with the aid of a partial body weight gait trainer.  
This unique device gave me the opportunity exercise
on my feet for the first time in 27 years.  It
strengthened my legs and heart plus encouraged trunk
stability.  After many months of training I can now walk
up to 20 or more laps in my house daily.  It has left me
feeling that the sky is the limit.  I can do it!

- S.R.
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